What is the dirt collective?


Here at The Dirt Collective we do a little bit of everything.

We provide a safe space for you to talk about all of the things that may be holding you back. By unblocking and releasing the invisible and taboo learn how you can get back to your true roots via authentic conversation, sustainable practices and purely just loving yo self again. We offer one-on-one health coaching sessions and small group workshops to those who are feeling a little bit stuck and want to get back to basics. We think it's important that we learn to love our dirt, know what to do with our dirt and enjoy every one else’s dirt a little bit too.  In a nutshell, this is what we teach and preach:

Story-telling & Self-Love

Self-Love is nourishment on all levels and we can achieve this through various vehicles of self-expression.  When we plant a seed, we watch it grow. We don’t stamp on it, we don't judge it and we don't interfere. Flip this concept back onto ourselves and you've got The Dirt Collective – a place to shed the crap and let the good stuff grow. We aim to inspire and heal through storytelling and authentic conversation. Openess brings awareness, sheds the sitgma and allows us to recognize that although our journeys are unique, they still share common threads. Nobody should have to feel alone in their experiences. The stories we publish, usually cover topics which may appear to be 'taboo' or messy to the external. But we like mess, and our aim is to tear open meaningful discussions so we as a collective can heal together. Invisibility isn't a thing at The Dirt Collective, it is out the window. 

Sustainable Practices

We’ll show you how to strip back to what nature’s provided for us. By getting back to our roots we're not only loving the earth, we're loving ourselves. Sustainable Practices make us more mindful, patient and aware of the bigger picture at hand. Let's reuse, recycle, and renew for the planet. By doing so, we're ultimately cultivating self love (if we’re harming the planet, we hate to say it, but we’re subsequently harming ourselves too). With goal-setting and authentic, open discussion, we want to help you like and know yourself on all levels – no qualms or questions. 

For more enquiries please send us an email at info@thedirtcollective.com.au